Shutdown work in progress

ALS is down for the month of July and the first week or so of August. We are taking the opportunity to do a bunch of preventative maintenance on our beamlines. Some of the items include:
– cleaning the Be window on 502 (may help to decrease scatter in images)
– replacing air lines
– flushing the 501/503 monochromators
– drying out and cleaning all cryojets
– drying out and replacing various parts on the 821 and 502 cryocoolers
– replacing power supplies on detector PCs
– replacing the 501 dewar insulation and lid interface
– replacing the 501/502/503 LN2 innerter valves (they have become leaky over the years)
– replacing detector chiller coolant and rebuilding of the vacuum pumps
– upgrade CentOS on all linux boxes

Thank you for reading!