Proprietary and Non-proprietary Beamtime

Proprietary Research

The Government and the University have no rights to the data generated by the user during proprietary research. Users performing proprietary research will be charged a fee based on cost recovery for ALS usage. In return, the user may take title to any inventions made during the proprietary research, retain results, and treat as proprietary all technical data generated during the beam time. Proprietary data is technical data which embody trade secrets, developed at private expense, which are not generally known or available from other sources without obligation regarding their confidentiality. Proprietary research is not intended for the open literature. Please note that the ALS assesses proprietary charges in four- or eight-hour increments.

Any researcher who would like to conduct proprietary research at BCSB beamlines must have a fully executed ALS Proprietary User agreement must in place with LBNL prior to beamtime. LBNL is required by DOE to obtain payment in advance for all proprietary usage; proprietary funding must be received by LBNL at least five business days in advance of beamtime. If you have any questions concerning your proprietary account balance, please contact

Non-proprietary Research

For research to be considered non-proprietary, the research results are intended for publication in scientific journals. The ALS does not charge users for beam time if their research is non-proprietary.

In advance of beam time, researchers must claim shifts as proprietary or non-proprietary. Claims should be submitted to

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