BCSB beamlines 2.0.1, 5.0.1, 5.0.2, and 5.0.3 support fully automated data collection. Autocollect automates sample exchanges, loop identification, diffraction-based crystal centering, and data collection. Data collection takes place at the user’s preferred detector distance/exposure rate/collimator size. 

User Operation

All BCSB users have access to Autocollect and can test it on a single sample during their scheduled beam time by checking the Autocollect box in the B4 GUI. To schedule multiple Autocollect samples back to back, use the Task Manager interface in B4 GUI.

Staff Operation

BCSB users can request Autocollect to be set up by members of BCSB staff. In this case, we will need a sample ID excel sheet. Number of samples sent for Autocollect may not exceed your allocated time (assuming 6 minutes/sample). Due to beamline constraints and staff availability your samples may be processed at a time different from the scheduled shift.

Autocollect data becomes available as soon as it is collected. We will email you a summary table with automated processing results at the end of the run.

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