BCSB Project List Overview

NOTE: More detailed information about each project is on the Confluence pages.


B4 Final implementation of b4

Update Feb 27: All features now included. Refining arrangement of items on the gui to make TaskQueue more intuitive.

Mar 16, 2017 Tested and available with basic features (collection, centering…etc)
Pin base warmer Install pin base warmer on 5.0.X.

Update Feb 27: Measured temperature at loop when pin base warmer is on. Temperature is stable for two minutes while pin base is warming. Next step: Measure amount of frost reduction results from warming the base.

Mar 16, 2017 Installed heater on 5.0.2.
Beamline characterization Develop tools for automatic COR detection

Update Feb 27: Tested  z1 position.

Next step: Add access to Z1 from Admin menu. Tie in scripts for automatic COR detection.

Mar 17, 2017 Positions for Alignment jigs and VersaPins (position Z1) installed into robot dewars on 501 and 502. Robot mount/unmount tested.


Investigate ways to make the robot faster

Update Feb 27: Investigating moving collimator stage on 501 back to allow collimator to remain stationary during robot mounts. Investigating changes in software to remove unnecessary steps in robot mount.

Mar 17, 2017
Expanding capabilities Autocentering

Update Feb 27: Auto loop centering button (which calls scripts) available in B4. Initial tests look good. Will continue testing through end of shutdown.


Jan 27, 2017 Automatic loop centering finished. Next step: automatic rastering to located crystal in loop.
Vortex detector Integrated into b3. Next step: automatic foil insertion to reduce saturation.

Update Dec 15: We are starting to work on the scripts to do this, but need more beamtime. This will be delayed until we get light back in March.

Dec 21, 2016 Repaired and returned. Testing completed. Integrated into b3.
Dynamic beamstop DBS made and bracketry installed on 501 and 503. Next step is installing a new PMAC on 501 to read the signal.  For 502, next step is reading signal in b3.

Update Dec 15: signal is being read into b4 now and can be plotted as a function of time. Now waiting for X-rays for final test.

Dec 21, 2016 Working spare (1.25mm) for 5.0.2 available. Working DBS made for 5.0.1. Signal reads well through LabView.


Beamline improvement New Pilatus on 5.0.1

Update Feb 27: Detector installed.

Next: Test running of 501 and 502 simultaneously from same PPU.

Mar 18, 2016  Tested on 5.0.2 before shutdown. Bracket installed for 5.0.1. Detector installed.
Beamline improvement New robot dewar lid on 5.0.2

Update Feb 27: Design done and prints in the machine shop.

Mar 18, 2016



Gonio improvement New snout July 7, 2016 New snout ordered in May, arrived on June 13. Tested on June 13. Turned out to be slightly longer than old one, so adjusted gonio and robot accordingly.
 Autoprocessing  mtz file creation  July 29, 2016 The autoprocessing script now includes output log and mtz files from Pointless and Aimless. and Also automatic processing independently with DIALS.
 B4 Add ability for manual evaluation.  July 18, 2016  Will not be available in b3, but b4 can be run simultaneously with b3 to access this feature.
Reduction of ice in dewars Copper-bottom lid installed on 502 to reduce friction between lid and dewar.  August 16, 2016  Installed and tested. (Note that 501 lid was previously also installed and tested.)
Pilatus – 502  Replaced 2 modules and associated electronic boards (new design from Dectris) and internal cable  August 18, 2016 This introduced a new error with the cancel run command.  Dectris will fix during January shutdown.
B3 Show SpotFinder results for every image Sept 26, 2016 Also implemented in b4.
B3 Shutterless raster installed on 502. Oct 7, 2016 Raster sped up on ADSC beamlines as well.
Centering stability AC Unit for 503 Oct 26, 2016  Drain line feeds into ring area drain
Expanding capabilities  Kappa on 502  Nov 7, 2016 New interlocks installed to allow full rotation of phi when using kappa. Also modified DBS brcketry.
Beamline characterization/optimization  Automatic calibration of collimator size scripts implemented Nov 30, 2016  Code is in python, and uses SciPy.
Expanding capabilities Shutterless helical vector Dec 14 2016 Note that shutterless raster and non-shutterless vector are already in operation


Hutch Procurement using Sole Source Jan, 2017 CAD model complete. Scope and costing analysis complete 6/24/16. Review of design complete 9/4/2016.
Monochromator Onsite acceptance testing April, 2017 Vendor chosen; initial design complete. Seismic calculations done 6/27/16.

Vendor design review complete 7/28/16.

Final Design Review complete 9/19/16.

Mirrors for primary beamline Onsite acceptance testing May, 2017 Preliminary Design Review completed Oct 17. Final design review completed Dec 7, 2016.
Undulator Site visit (Chuck Swenson). Dec, 2016 Spec complete. Hitachi chosen as vendor. Preliminary design review completed.



Pilatus install on 501

Simon- bracket design and install Feb

Jeff – trigger and enable in/out

(Nate ordered analog I/O card for PMAC)

John/Randall – configuration, integration into b4

Corie – look into cost of getting a PPU

Marc, Kevin, Jeff, John, Randall
Show autoprocessing results from different crystals into one organized view (maybe color coding) – this is part of b4

John – code

Marc/Kevin/Corie – testing

 Marc, John
Look into obtaining RAPD from NE-CAT and determine pain involved in implementing here  Corie, John
Pin base warmer on 5.0.1 Marc, Anthony
Keep collimator in place during mount/unmount Marc, Kevin
Implement automatic loop centering Marc, John
b4 John, Randall
Vortex – excitation energy plot, final implementation

Randall – get deadtime from Labview

Marc – script for attenuating beam based on deadtime

John – coding

Kevin/Jeff – testing

John, Randall, Marc
DBS signal –

Read out on b4 every 5 seconds (use LabView signal)

Nate – Test MiteGen DBS

Diane – blacken the DBS

John – plot reading on b4, report reading before and after a dataset collection

Simon – investigate picoammeter option

Send 821 lens back to Arinax and replace camera with GigE camera Simon, Anthony
Fix kappa issue on 821 (see Jira BL821-309) Jeff
Fix zoom1 motor on 821 Jeff
Use EPICS to build LabView-equivalent features for Gemini (eg, ability to scan slits or energy against diode reading)  John, Randall, Jeff, Kevin
 Investigate heater element on 821 second crystal  Simon
 Investigate keeping alignment tool in dewar  Nate
 Use EPICS on PowerPmac  Randall
Investigate CVC dithering  Jeff
System upgrades: Feedback fixes, data backups, NX, redundant home server, possibly VPN  John, Randall
Replace sensor cables on 502  Nate or Anthony
Replace robot dewar motors  Nate
Build new spare PCs for ADSC detectors  Anthony
Label server room computers, keyboards and mice  Corie, Randall
Look into alternatives for SpotFinder  John, Marc
Hook up crystal lighting to slider in b4 John
 Independent control of shutter


Cryojet preventative maintenance – all beamlines August, 2017 Jan 2017
501/503 mono flush August, 2017 Feb, 2017
All detector chillers – flush coolant Jan-Feb, 2017 Jan, 2016
All detector chillers – vacuum filters Jan, 2018 Jan, 2017
All detector PCs, ccd1 and ccd2 machines – vacuum filters Jan-Feb, 2017 Jan, 2016
502 cryocooler warmup Jan-Feb, 2017 April, 2016
821 cryocooler warmup Jan-Feb, 2017 April, 2016
Replace 501 robot SmartMotors for dewar *
Replace 502 robot SmartMotors for dewar *  Jan, 2017
Replace 503 robot SmartMotors for dewar *  Jan, 2017
501 replace gripper * April, 2016
502 replace gripper * April, 2016
503 replace gripper * Aug, 2014
502 replace collimator July, 2019 July, 2016
502 replace goniometer snout * June, 2016
Dreirite replacement
821/822 robot joints grease, J5 belt replace Oct, 2018 Oct, 2013

 * for these items, we have not yet determined the best schedule for maintenance/replacement.