8.2.2 (HHMI)

Current Processing Statistics

Source characteristics
 Superbend (5.0 T, single pole)
Energy range
 5-17 keV
 Monochromator  Double-crystal Si(111)
Measured Flux (1.9 GeV, 500 mA)
 3.5×1011 ph/s at 12keV through 0.1mm pinhole
Resolving power (E/ΔE)
Divergence (max at sample)
 3.0 (h) x 0.31 (v) mrad
Spot size
 15x15um to 200x200um user-adjustable apertured beam
 Endstation  Mini-hutch
 Detector  3×3 CCD array (ADSC Q315R)
 Automounter  Rigaku ACTOR; robot dewar holds 5 ALS-style, Unipucks or Rigaku ACTOR pucks
Sample format
Hampton or Mitegen ALS pins
 Kappa  Not yet available
Special notes
 Computers for data processing and analysis available
Full remote operation capability
User-adjustable aperture (CVC) installed
Local contact
Marc Allaire
 Beamline phone  510-495-2082


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