BCSB Software Update

Current List

  1. CRB  10-23-20 Can the Robot Task bar be in a movable window or a panel that is “always on top?” Already available 10-30-20

  2. CRB 10-23-20 Are the strategy results reported somewhere.  I don’t see them in WebIce

  3. CRB 10-23-20 The task queue takes a few seconds to update (currently one needs to be patient.  Is there a way to speed this up?

  4. CRB 10-23-20 Had to restart B4 due “frozen” B4.  The cause:  Starting the task queue while a dataset was being collected.  Is there a way to get a warning like “A dataset is currently running.  Do you really want to abort the run and continue with the task queue?”

  5. CRB 10-23-20 Does BDXV have zoom controls?

  6. CRB 10-23-20 Can the quick > collect menu be updated prior to  (task queue) snaps being taken?

  7. CRB 10-23-20 Can TaskQ: PAUSE FOR USER ACTION (at the bottom of B4) be colored red while a dataset is being collected?

  8. CRB 10-23-20 Rastering not functioning properly.  Boxes are not numbered, controls to recenter after rastering and reorienting at 90 degrees for a second run does not work.  Raster box remains on screen when moving through tabs

  9. CRB 10-23-20 put zoom controls in raster menu

  10. CRB 10-23-20 Had to restart B4 due to unknown issue after NX session disconnected.  Collect > Snap menu was not complete and phi could not be rotated. ???

  11. CRB 10-23-20 snap image is not auto-updating consistently

  12. CRB 10-23-20 Put Dunk Crystal in Robot tab?

  13. CRB 10-29-20 Fix Task Manager > Sample list (fully alpha-numeric) and maybe from each individual puck.

  14. CRB 10-29-20 Separate SNAP and RUN tabs so that the directory names can be changed independently.

  15. CRB 10-29-20  Is it possible to edit SNAP and RUN tabs while there is a collection going?  

  16. CRB 10-29-20 Can camera view go back to Mag1 when crystal is dismounted/mounted/ dunked?

  17. CRB 10-29-20 Data Tab – Provide a tabular view so that multiple crystals can be compared top to bottom.

  18. CRB 10-29-20 Dunk crystal takes a while to start moving…why?

  19. CRB 11-12-20 Can the robot controls (warm and cool gripper) be active while a dataset is being collected – on BL501 the timing has been an issue and causes a pretty significant delay while waiting to warm/cool gripper.


  20. CRB 12-4-20  Pucks show up as unavailable (owed by another user) is the Dewar list, yet it is available to load in the task queue through the Sample list (and can be added to the task queue).  This may be a special cans for Amgen (amgensf and ccamgen)