Job Posting: Postdoc at Western University Health Sciences

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Position opening: Postdoctoral Associate in Crystallography

Institution:  Western University of Health Sciences, Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences

Location: Pomona, CA

Start Date: Dec 1, 2014

Contact:     Manal A. Swairjo, Ph.D.


We are looking for an outstanding and highly motivated individual to start immediately in a NIH-funded postdoctoral position to study structure and mechanism of transfer-RNA modification enzymes that constitute a new class of candidate antibacterial drug targets. The laboratory is part of a long-standing multi-institutional consortium focused on studying the biosynthesis and functions of the hypermodified nucleotides of transfer-RNA and understand their roles in translation. The project aims to elucidate the mechanistic and structural basis for the biosynthesis of a universally conserved hypermodified nucleotide of the anti-codon stem-loop of tRNA using a multi-disciplinary approach comprising X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, and biochemical methods.

The candidate will focus on cloning, overexpression, purification, biochemical characterization, crystallization, and X-ray crystal structure determination of multiple protein and protein-RNA complexes and interface with the PI and team of collaborators to complete functional and mechanistic interpretation of results toward development of this critical metabolic pathway as an antibacterial target.
The candidate should have a recent Ph.D. degree (in biochemistry, biophysics, structural biology or related area) with a strong publication record. In addition, the candidate is required to have substantial experience in molecular biology, recombinant DNA methods, protein and RNA expression and purification. Proficiency is required in troubleshooting and optimization of cloning and overexpression protocols of difficult and insoluble proteins. Prior experience in X-ray crystallography is desired. Competitive salary and fringe benefit will be provided.
Please send a cover letter stating your scientific interests and goals, CV and contact information for 3 references to Manal Swairjo


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