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Welcome to Daniil!

We are very pleased to now have Daniil Prigozhin in the BCSB. He comes to us with a strong background in crystallography, both growing crystals and solving structures. He completed his PhD work with Dr. Tom Alber at UC Berkeley in 2014, then did a post-doc with Dr. Yorgo Modis at the University of Cambridge, UK.

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Biosciences Workshop Planned for Feb 13

The Advanced Light Source is planning a major upgrade, which will result in brighter, more coherent beams. The upgrade will occur in 4-5 years, and so now is the time for the biosciences community to define our vision of synchrotron capabilites for biosciences (scattering, diffraction, tomography and IR methods) in the years to come, and to plan how we will make use of the upgraded ALS source. Towards this end, we are planning a workshop to be held at Berkeley Lab on Weds, Feb 13. If you are interested in attending, please contact Corie Ralston ( Hope to see you there!

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Shutdown work in progress

ALS is down for the month of July and the first week or so of August. We are taking the opportunity to do a bunch of preventative maintenance on our beamlines. Some of the items include:
– cleaning the Be window on 502 (may help to decrease scatter in images)
– replacing air lines
– flushing the 501/503 monochromators
– drying out and cleaning all cryojets
– drying out and replacing various parts on the 821 and 502 cryocoolers
– replacing power supplies on detector PCs
– replacing the 501 dewar insulation and lid interface
– replacing the 501/502/503 LN2 innerter valves (they have become leaky over the years)
– replacing detector chiller coolant and rebuilding of the vacuum pumps
– upgrade CentOS on all linux boxes

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