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Back at the ACA in Cincinnati 2019

Once again, we teamed up with our ALS colleagues to put together a booth at the American Crystallographic Association. Stacey did a terrific job organizing the booth and getting all the supplies shipped out. Stacey, Kevin, Daniil, Marc, Jane and Jay all spent lots of time at the booth talking with current and prospective users. We even got to hang out with Christine Beavers, who used to work at the ALS and is now at the Diamond Light Source. But she is a friend and an honorary ALS scientist so we were glad to have her at the booth!


And check out the jelly bean contest winners below!




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BCSB Represented at the IUCR in Montreal

The BCSB teamed up with other crystallographers at the ALS to run a booth promoting the ALS beamlines. Marc and Diane gave remote demos of the beamlines at the booth, showing how easy it was to connect to and run the BCSB beamlines remotely, even over a wireless connection at a large conference. And Diane presented a poster on the diode beamstop device she has designed and built, garnering lots of interest!



















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BCSB at the ACA 2014

Several of the BCSB staff went to the 2014 ACA meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Here they are at the ALS booth, where they teamed up with many other ALS groups to promote crystallography at the ALS. The beachballs were a big hit!



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