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Back at the ACA in Cincinnati 2019

Once again, we teamed up with our ALS colleagues to put together a booth at the American Crystallographic Association. Stacey did a terrific job organizing the booth and getting all the supplies shipped out. Stacey, Kevin, Daniil, Marc, Jane and Jay all spent lots of time at the booth talking with current and prospective users. We even got to hang out with Christine Beavers, who used to work at the ALS and is now at the Diamond Light Source. But she is a friend and an honorary ALS scientist so we were glad to have her at the booth!


And check out the jelly bean contest winners below!




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Welcome to Daniil!

We are very pleased to now have Daniil Prigozhin in the BCSB. He comes to us with a strong background in crystallography, both growing crystals and solving structures. He completed his PhD work with Dr. Tom Alber at UC Berkeley in 2014, then did a post-doc with Dr. Yorgo Modis at the University of Cambridge, UK.

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Biosciences Workshop Planned for Feb 13

The Advanced Light Source is planning a major upgrade, which will result in brighter, more coherent beams. The upgrade will occur in 4-5 years, and so now is the time for the biosciences community to define our vision of synchrotron capabilites for biosciences (scattering, diffraction, tomography and IR methods) in the years to come, and to plan how we will make use of the upgraded ALS source. Towards this end, we are planning a workshop to be held at Berkeley Lab on Weds, Feb 13. If you are interested in attending, please contact Corie Ralston ( Hope to see you there!

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